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Common Cold

What is Common Cold ?

Viral infection causing inflammation of mucous membranes of the nose, throat and bronchial tubes and associated with nasal block, watery or thick discharge from the nose. In Ayurveda it is called as "Pratisyaya".

  • Taking a half glass of decoction prepared from Ginger (a small piece), Ajwain (1teaspoon.), Cloves (5), Black Pepper (3), Fenugreek/Methi (1teaspoon).
  • Tulsi and Mint / Pudina leaves (10 each) mixed with Jaggery twice a day till you get relief. Boil 10gm of garlic in 1 cup of milk and reduce it to 1/2 cup. It is to be taken in the evening before bedtime or before breakfast.
  • Take 1teaspoon onion juice, mixed with equal amount of honey, thrice a day.
  • For cold, apply pastes prepared from the turmeric powder or dry ginger powder on the forehead.
  • Inhalation of the fumes of burning pepper, will give relief from blockage of nose due to cold.
  • Decoction expressed from ginger pieces will relieve the cold if taken in the dose of 20 - 30 ml thrice daily.
  • Lady fingers will relieve soar throat and dry cough. 50ml of the decoction expressed from them should be taken thrice daily.