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What is Cirrhosis of Liver?

A progressive disease of liver characterized by diffuse damage to the liver cells with nodular regeneration and disturbance to the normal structure of liver, leading to decreased blood flow in liver. It leads to the symptoms like jaundice, blood vomiting and ascites (accumulation of some fluid in the abdominal layers). In simple words abnormal shrinkage of liver is called as cirrhosis. In ayurveda, it is termed as "Yakritodara".

  • Picrorhiza (picrirhizakurroa) is the best drug for cirrhosis of the liver in adults. One teaspoon of this powder with sugar should be administered twice daily.
  • Bhumyamalaki juice 1-2 teaspoon thrice daily, prevents cirrhosis of liver.
  • Taking of goat's liver with long pepper stimulates the liver functioning.