Charaka, who wrote the ancient treatise on Ayurveda called "Charaka Samhita" and 'Buddha's physician', they both demonstrated that there is no substance in the planet world, which has no medicinal value. One must know how to use them and for what ailments or deficiencies, they must be used. About six hundred different medicinal plants are mentioned in the ancient Ayurveda texts.

Plants have played an important part in Indian society. The study of Indian plants cannot be limited to an examination of their therapeutic properties alone, but a holistic approach must be taken to understand their significance in the entire spectra of Indian culture.

There is a renewed interest in the Western world, especially in USA to study the ancient plants and their medicinal and therapeutic properties in ancient civilizations and societies in India, China and Africa.

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are rushing to patent plants and their therapeutic use, which have been traditionally used in India. There is a movement emerging in all these countries including India to protect the rich bio diversity against excessive deforestation.

There is a need to increase our own awareness and knowledge about our own herbal treasures and heritage.

Vedic Herbal Remedies also involve use of herbs, which ensures the positive influence of a particular planet. We are giving below a brief description of such practice for each planet.

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