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Yoghurt is an appetizer and a digestive stimulant. It is nourishing, increases unctuousness and strength and is aphrodisiac. Being sweet and sour, hot and sour after digestion, yoghurt cures vata and increases pitta and kapha. It is good for treating diarrhoea, certain fevers, loss of appetite, urinary problems and emaciation, but should not be used in hot season, kapha conditions of pitta illness because it is abhisyhandi (causes stagnation of the water element in the tissues), Charaka emphasizes that yoghurt lovers must not eat it cold, at night or without mixing it first with ghee and sugar, mung-bean soup, honey or the power of Emblica officinalis (the amalaki fruit).

Ayurveda Life Health and Longevity by Robert E. Svoboda - Penguin Books.