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India resides on the continent known as Jambudvipa, the Rose Apple Island, Jambu, the rose apple, is said to be the god of clouds incarnated in fruit from, as it supposedly is the colour of the sky as a thunderstorm approaches (It is actually much darker). Rose apple is astringent and sweet, cooling, and pungent after digestion. Though heavy, the fruit balances the three Doshas, while the seed decreases pitta and kapha and can, in excess, increase vata. The fruit helps blood carry prana to the tissues and is used in treating diabetes, enlarged liver, diarrhoea and bleeding piles. The vinegar or medicinal wine made from the ripe fruit is diuretic and stomachic. The seed has a stronger anti-diabetic effect than does the fruit and is good for treating diarrhoea and dysentery, as are the bark and the leaf juice. The later is purifying and invigorating and is used externally to cure chronic sores. It is said that an infusion of the fresh tender leaves helps to correct sterility and the tendency to miscarriage.

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