Ghee, says Charaka, the best of all unctuous substances, is the best substance to cure both vata and pitta. Cow's ghee, which is sweet both before and after digestion and is cool, promotes memory, intelligence, the digestive fire, semen, ojas and fate. It removes toxicity from the system and cures insanity, consumption, chronic fever and lack of prosperity. Properly prepared, its potency increases a thousand-fold and it becomes efficacious in a thousand ways. Aged ghee is used to treat alcoholism, epilepsy, fainting, consumption, insanity, toxic states, fevers and pain in the vagina, ear or head. Hundred-Times-Washed Ghee is used externally only, for wound healing and to calm pitta. The ghees of other milks have the qualities of those milks.

Ayurveda Life Health and Longevity by Robert E. Svoboda - Penguin Books.