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Like garlic when eaten as a vegetable the odour of fenugreek appears in the sweat of its eaters and makes the body repel insects, which is why it is sometimes fed to cows and horses. Fenugreek is pungent, bitter and sweet, hot and pungent after digestion and reduces vata and kapha; in excess it increases pitta. It improves the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, regulates the menses, purifies the skin and tones the whole organism. Fenugreek tea promotes sweating in fevers (especially those, like influenza, that are due to vata and kapha), purifies breast-milk, is decongestant and improves dysentery and arthritis. With valerian, it is given for relief of insomnia, depression and neuroses. The sprouts strengthen the liver and improve the semen and the seeds are made into a confection given to women after childbirth to strengthen them and to promote milk production. Its seed paste purifies boils and abscesses and it has been used as a shampoo to prevent premature hair loss.

Ayurveda Life Health and Longevity by Robert E. Svoboda - Penguin Books.