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Known as 'the Digester' in Sanskrit, cumin is pungent and slightly hot. It controls both vata and kapha without aggravating pitta, except in excess. It is often used in combination with coriander or fennel and is an ingredient in numerous Ayurvedic recipes. A common folk remedy is a teaspoon of roasted cumin power at bedtime to regulate the digestive function. Dill leaves are cooked as a vegetable in West India and are used in poultices, as are the seeds, which are pungent and bitter, hot, and pungent after digestion. The relieve gas, colic and hiccups, especially in small children and with fenugreek they control diarrhoea. Like anise, they increase breast-milk and medicate it to strengthen the baby's digestion.

Ayurveda Life Health and Longevity by Robert E. Svoboda - Penguin Books.