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Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Sun
Usually the individual will do well in practicing meditation and yoga of knowledge to connect to the higher self within. The main thing is to establish a sense of self-identity according to our inner nature as pure consciousness. We must learn to discriminate between the lower self and the higher self. We should trace the origin of the "I thought" to the Divine light within the heart.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Moon
Lunar energy is usually increased by devotional practices (Bhakti yoga). We should meditate upon a form of the Divine particularly of the Goddess. We should strive to develop more peace, faith, receptivity, openness and surrender to the Divine or truth. Usually lunar energy allies us with a spiritual or religious tradition or group, but we should apply our faith with openness and truth not with emotional attachment.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Mars
Mars is increased by the Yoga of knowledge and techniques by practices, which aim at the development of energy and insight. Mars types like to work on themselves in a practical way through physical practices or through mental methods like visualization and ritual. On a lower level, the martial arts can be used to strengthen Mars energy; yet such methods may cater to a negative Mars influence and brings about seeking of power and prestige for the ego.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Mercury
Mercury energy is increased by the yoga of knowledge particularly by spiritual techniques, which emphasize reason, discrimination, clear expression and objective perception. It often gives us the role of a teacher of these things. The practice of mantra is helpful as it the study of spiritual philosophies like Vedanta or the learning of Sanskrit.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Jupiter
Jupiter directs us to the spiritual life. It gives us the tendency to have a broad and integral perspective. It leads us to the path which combines knowledge, devotion, practices and service, as in the path of Raja Yoga. Its basic impulse is towards devotion (faith), but from that it develops knowledge. Jupiter is more concerned with principle and value than form, but often loves ceremonies and rituals. Jupiter gives enthusiasm, but it may be temporary, if we do not fix it to a long-term purpose.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Venus
Venus related to Bhakti yoga or the yoga of devotion. It makes us receptive to Divine love, joy and beauty, as we find in the stories of Radha and Krishna or in Sufi love poetry. It inclines us to chanting, rituals, dance, devotional singing and visualizations. Generally, we are inclined to approach the Divine in the form of a particular figure, teacher or deity, whom we love and serve. Venus also can give occult knowledge or powers, like ability to see visions or to travel astrally, but can get us caught in the glamor and illusion of the astral plane.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Saturn
Saturn required self-discipline, renunciation, surrender, detachment, objectivity and doing of good karma - the yoga of knowledge and service. It is more concerned with practice than with theory and in his higher form, is the silent sage. It requires inaction and letting go on our part. To cleanse the influence of a negative Saturn, some form of karmic expiation may be required like prayer, atonement, pilgrimages or giving of charity.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Rahu
People with weak Rahu should avoid Yoga that open up to the astral plane, including the use of visualization, hypnosis and modern high tech yoga (using tapes videos). Devotion, surrender to the Divine or Bhakti yoga is best as Rahu's influence makes discernment and meditation difficult. Some form of psychic clearing, expiation or exorcism in extreme cases may be helpful. There should be an alliance with a clear tradition and consistent discipline, the avoidance of wishful thinking, the seeking of experiences or the developing of occult powers.

Dominating Planet in your Horoscope : Ketu
Ketu is increased by the yoga of knowledge, the capacity for self-inquiry, much as under the Sun. It causes us to seek to transcend time and the senses. Meditation on death is also helpful for developing the higher yogic powers of Ketu.