Dietary strategies offer convenience, choice, and control-possibly more of all three than any other approach to natural medicine. What's more, eating right can lower your risk of developing a chronic disease.

"YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" has long been the rallying cry of natural health practitioners.

Eat With Gusto, Not Guilt

Food is fun and good nutrition need not diminish the pleasure. More than anything else, it's the nonsense of nutrition-unreasonable food fears and unnecessary prohibitions-that takes the joy out of eating. So no-nonsense nutrition is as much a matter of what you put in your head as what you put in your stomach and it starts with discarding food prejudices.

What nutrition can do for you depends very much on what it is not doing now. Remember, nutrition is the primary mean of realizing your genetic potential. Without an adequate amount and proper balance of nutrients, you are simply not going to live as long or as healthily, look as good, or work as hard as you are genetically programmed to do. Neither will you be able to run as fast, resist infection as well or overcome illness as easily.

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