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Self-treatment remains the most effective way of giving up smoking. About 95 percent of smokers, who quit, stopped smoking on their own will. Relapses are common; however most of the people make several attempts before quitting for good. To improve your own chances of success, make a systematic plan for stopping, beginning with an analysis of why you continue to smoke and a list of alternatives. For example, many women won't give up smoking because they are afraid of gaining weight. Joining an exercise class can help preventing weight gain and provide other health benefits as well.

Self-treatment is not recommended during the detoxification stage of overcoming addictions. After this initial phase, however self-treatment is the key to success. The goal of counseling for instance is to help strengthen a person's emotional resources so that he or she can overcome the urge to resume previous behavior. This does not mean that one must go at it alone; there are dozens of support and self-help groups ready to help.