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General Vastu Tips

  • Main entrance should be in exalted position- North-North East, East- North East, South- South East and West- North West
  • Main Entrance should be in East, North or North-East direction
  • Wash Basins should be placed in the North, East or north-East side of the hall
  • Stairways should be built with an odd number of stairs
  • Do not build stairways on the northeast side, as it will cause loss of wealth
  • Stair cases should always be in South- West part of the building
  • For electric generator and transformer installation, South- East direction is absolutely fine
  • Well should not be inside the building
  • Septic Tank should be located in North or East side of the plot but should be in East of North(center)
  • Septic Tank should not touch the compound wall in North or East
  • Toilets may be placed in North- West or South- East. North- East

These are the general vastu tips for a happy and prosperous life, however if you want personalized vastu services then Please visit the personalized vastu service section of our site.