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PRICE : US $80 | INR 5100
PRICE : US $80 | INR 5100
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Child Future Life Prediction

Your child is a gift from the Almighty and he is the one who writes three-fourths of your child's fate and leaves one-fourth in his/her hands. The planets that govern us as well as your child is not stagnant and hence is in constant motion which brings change in our everyday life. Sometimes these changes in your child's life may not seem insignificant and some changes may be of great importance. Various case studies down the ages have broadly confirmed these statistics. Jyotish, the eyes of the veda, recommends that each person even your child gets an in-depth understanding of his or her horoscope so that one may address the quadrant of destiny that remains in our control and make a better and fulfilling life, one that aids a positive karmic journey.

Vedic astrology deals with seven planets and two lunar nodes planets and their movement through the Vedic sky allows your child to adopt a different route in his/her life path. There is a cosmic mystery that different planets are pulling us in different directions causing confusions, wrong moves while maturity and experience helps us to choose the correct dimension.

With the life prediction report, you will get a customized overview of your child's entire life based on his/her birth chart. This report is prepared using the ancient and mathematically precise principles of Vedic Astrology. In a nut shell this report gives you a complete analysis of your child's life right from the time your child was born till old age.

  What You Will Get
  • The positive and negative influence of each planet
  • Your child's personality, nature and physical feature
  • Life status at a glance
  • Different aspects of life based on influence of different planets (Natal promise of Houses)
  • Dynamic analysis of the role of different planets based on planetary periods (Dasha System)
  • Benefic Life Index (graphical overview of whole life)
  • Guidance to peace, prosperity and happiness through ordained life script scores
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies