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PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500
PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500
Child Birth Chart

When a child is born they come with a fate. The Karma which they have done in the past and the Karma they will perform in this life will pave the way for the destiny. The position of the planets at the time of birth plays a vital role in the personality of a child. With the birth of a child there is happiness in the family but at the same time in the mind of the parents a concern is there that how would my child turn out to be? Will he/she be to lead a good and successful life?

What Will You Get in this report

  • Explanation of Child's Horoscope Chart
  • Relationship between planets and signs in Child's horoscope chart
  • Interpretation of three pillars of Child's horoscope chart.
  • Houses in Child's horoscope chart.
  • Analysis of Vimsottari Dasha periods:
  • Challenges & Opportunity in next 5 years as per Karma Index:
  • Answer to your primary Concern for child.
  • Astrological remedies for betterment of your child.

More on this Report...

We bring to you the most significant report for your child especially now when they are just starting to pave their way to a real world. This is a report that is meant to help you solve puzzling aspects of your child's life. It gives you a basic idea of the planetary significances of your child's horoscope taking into consideration each house, their lords and their temporal location. It then answers your questions regarding your child by the horary method and confirms by the natal significance of your child's astrological signatures. Finally, there are astrological remedy recommendation which point to the most malefic or benefic signatures of your child's horoscope. Our astrologer gives adequate attention to the present Dasha or Main Period and gives remedies which will give maximum mileage to your child out of that period.

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