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PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100
PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100
Your Child Health Astrology Report

This report will indicate your child's basic physical constitution and his/her own immunity to fight disease as and when they will strike. This report will indicate your child's vulnerability to potential disease and which part of his/her body can get affected.

It will also tell you when in your child will be most prone to disease and when your child can expect to enjoy very good health in life. It will also suggest specific astrological remedies to protect your child against disease.

What Will You Get in this report

  • Explanation of Child's Horoscope Chart
  • Overall picture of Child's health.
  • Indication of Child's 6th house.
  • Indications of Child's Ascendant and 8th house.
  • Indications of any specific diseases.
  • Unfavorable time for Child's health.
  • Critical Years for Child's health.
  • Next 15 years through the lens of Karma Index.
  • Dasha signature about Child's health for next 15 Years.
  • Child's health in coming 15 years.
  • Answer to your primary Concern for child.
  • Suggestion of astrological remedies for Good Health of child.

More on this Report...

The planetary positions and houses of the birth chart as well as horoscope wield tremendous influence on human body. The moment a child is born the main concern of the parents would be good health. Some babies might be healthy at first but may suffer at a later phase and vice a versa. Parenting is a very special job. It is incredibly common for parents of new born babies, toddlers and young kids to worry about the health of their children. Every parent has the desire to have a healthy baby. It is always beneficial to take good advices as far as your child is concerned. Medicines help your child to fight the disease and astrology helps you to take a proactive step for your child.

Health related matters are quite evident from the horoscope of your child. It is mostly found out from the Ascendant or the 1st house, the 6th house and the 8th house. These houses lords are also very important in chalking out the condition of the health of the native.

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