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PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500

In Layman language, Horoscope Chart signifies a study of your Zodiac sign (your unique signature), indicated position of various planets at exact date time and place of your birth in terms of their longitude with respect to the 12 zodiac signs. Your Horoscope Chart is like a mirror to your own self and gives a glimpse of your future. Our Astrologers will prepare a report through analysis of your birth chart & reveal a lot about health in whole life, physical & spiritual ability, marriage, relationships with family, friends, spouse, or partners, & professional life.

Our Astrologers believe that it’s your past Karma, horoscope findings along with your interaction with outer world altogether decides your fate. Vedic astrology just provides a roadmap to your inherent strengths, weaknesses and your ability to pursue goals as promised by your birth chart. Your detailed Report will tell stars influence on your life and their functionality in your day-to- day events. You can also find answer to your primary concern from any aspect of life in this report. Astrology also has its technology of astrological remedies and based on this principle, our astrologers will advice appropriate remedy to help you live a prosperous and happy life.

  What You Will Get In This Enhanced Report
  • What is a horoscope chart?
  • Analysis of your horoscope chart and Chart Data prepared by astrologer.
  • The north Indian format of a horoscope.
  • Relationship between Planets and the signs.
  • Your Sign Number/ Sign Name /Sign Symbol/ Ruling Planet/Sign Type/ Sign Element Characteristics of different sign types and sign elements.
  • Planets strengths and their functionalities in your horoscope.
  • Interpretation of Ascendant, Sun Sign, Moon Sign and other planets in different signs in your birth chart.
  • Interpretation of Other Planets as per their location in different Zodiac Signs in your horoscope.
  • Retrograde, Exalted and Debilitated planets in your horoscope.
  • 12 Houses in your Horoscope to signify different aspects in our life.
  • Your ordained life script as per your horoscope chart to define how and when you will pursue your goals.
  • Dasha Signature and Planetary periods/sub periods to judge effects of planets on your life.
  • The challenges and Opportunities in life during next 5 years period as per the transits of all planets.
  • Appropriate Astrological Remedial Advice from astrologer.