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Scheduled Astrology Consultation

Life has its own priorities and challenges. There are certain problems that left unexplained by any chance, talk to astrologer on phone & find answers to question that left unspoken or hidden secrets of your life becomes a challenge. Schedule Astrology Counseling is meant to clarify your doubts by directly interaction with astrologer via telephone, Skype, chat consultations on a mutually convenient time.

Only expert can identify the real cause of problem. Take astrological advice to know the solution for your problem related to your career, money, love marriage, future etc through web chat with astrologer. No limitations on asking question just explain your problems to astrologers and get them resolved. This service gives you liberty to choose your astrologer from our panel of expert astrologers and ask your specific queries. Feel free to contact our astrologers for telephonic astrology consultation and lead a healthy and prosperous life.

  What You Will Get

Choose Schedule astrologer and time slot from expert panel to Book Schedule Astrology Counseling

Mr. Satrajit Majumdar

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What Our Members Say…
I am very happy to have cyber Astro services. In all aspects like their life prediction, talk to astrologer on phone, yearly prediction report is unique and accurate. I have bought 3-4 astrology reports and all says right about my life. And this time, I bought Heath Report because I have been sick from past several months. I was worried so called customer support service and asked for Comprehensive Heath Report. It included all about my life today and next years. Also talk to astrologer on phone is best if you want to astrologers to answer your concern. Thank you for helping me out.
Muniraj Upmanyu
I have been member of Cyberastro site for quite a long time. It's It is sensible site with all correct forecasts. I got talk to astrologer Mr Satrajit Majumdar on phone who suggested me remedy as per my problem ,Here we find various of Astrology report , all unique that helps in judgment about life. May be it career or finance, I always go for astrology report with Cyberastro. I hope to receive same good response from in future too. All the best and keep the good work in helping us in finding goods astrology report, telephonic astrology session with different astrologers , astrology remedy are really best,

Last week I spent a wonderful hour speaking with Satrajit Majumdar. What a fine gentleman! If we lived closer it would be wonderful to spend time with him, get to know him and develop a friendship. Regretfully 12,000 miles is a bit of a hope for tea or an evening meal. In the course of your day, if you see him, would you please send him my compliments and let him know how very much I appreciate his time, expertise, and kindness? I'll definitely want to speak to him again in some month’s time. I'll need to renew my gold membership before then, but I'm sure you'll let me know of that ahead of time….. Thank you again for all your help.
Thom Foster

I am glad I got to talk to Mr Pandey on phone about my business report. I am pleased to see the professionalism and the approach to handle the customer concerns. I feel sorry for the last feedback report due to TACk of understanding and communication gap. Now I could understand the harsh /real truth of my astrological chart. I am highly thankful to you for helping me to understand my business report. I hope it will help me to finalize my future plans. Looking for a long term association with cyberastro and would like to say thanks to Mr Majumdar and Mr. Pandey for their true professionalism. Thanks & Regards
Vivek Singh