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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100
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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100

In Vedic Astrology, there exist a divine relationship between Sun and Saturn. Every planet revolves around the Sun and gives their individual effects on your zodiac sign. Does transit connection of Sun with Planet Saturn impact your life? Yes, it does. Sun-Saturn Report is meant to analyze the relation between Sun and Saturn in your Birth Chart & familiarize you with the projection of light and diminish darkness in your life.

What Will You Get?

  • Explanation of your birth chart
  • Your Sun in natal chart
  • Your Saturn in natal chart
  • Relation between Sun and Saturn in your Birth Chart
  • Transit Connection between Sun and Saturn
  • Transit Connection of Saturn with natal Sun
  • Astrological Remedy as suggested by astrologer to nullify ill effects.

More about Sun Saturn Report

Sun, the symbol of your basic personality, authority, intelligence, if well placed provides you confidence, leadership and power to achieve your life goals. Adverse placement of Sun brings low self esteem and dishonesty. In contrast, Saturn symbol of discipline, challenges and fears signifies darkness and obstruction in your life. It controls life, death, home, wealth, children sector in your natal chart. A favorable placement of Saturn can bring self-preservation and a strong survival instinct.

Our astrologers will analyze your natal chart & explain influence of Transit Connection of Sun & Saturn in different aspects of your life. Depending upon the result of report, you will be suggested suitable astrological remedies, either to wear your lucky gemstone or go for Yantras to derive maximum support from Saturn and make Sun supportive for you to reap prosperity in life. It will help avoid financial loss, less self confidence, and suppress periodic sufferings in your life.