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On 27th January 2017, Planet Saturn will transit into Sagittarius and will stay there till 24th January 2020. During its transit period Saturn will make many good and bad changes in all areas of our lives including career, love, relations, wealth and health. Our exclusive Saturn Transit Report will reveal to you the analysis of 7½years and 2½ year cycle of Saturn for your birth chart and would provide you a detailed phase-wise explanation of Shani Sade-Sati in your life. In addition, this elaborate and exclusive report will also highlight and analyze the problem areas in different facets of your life and will suggest and recommend suitable astrological remedies to get rid of all problems caused due to Saturn and its transit in Sagittarius.

This amazing astrological Report proves to be immensely beneficial for anyone who has finished the cycle of Saturn or is yet to enter it or is presently passing through it. You may order the specially conceptualized 2017 Saturn Transit Report for a 2½ years phase or the complete 7½ years cycle.

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Saturn Transit Report 2017- 7 ½ Years 70 4500 Order now
  What You Will Get
  • Brief Description of Your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Position of Planet Saturn in your Birth Chart and its impact on you
  • Relations Between Natal and Transiting Saturn and its impact on you
  • Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya period for your Birth Chart
  • Overall analysis of Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya for your birth chart
  • Phase wise explanation of Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya
  • Effect of Current Dasha Period during Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya
  • Special Comment on your Primary Concern for Present
  • Recommendation of most suitable astrological remedies

Saturn Transit is the time when the great Karmic Balancer Planet– Saturn moves over the first, second and twelth houses from the Moon sign in a person’s Natal Chart. Saturn’s transit 2017 is one of the most significant cosmic movements that take place once in 2½ years cycle. This transit affects our present life on the basis of our past life Karma. Every human undergoes three such cycles of Saturn transit in life time. These three 2½ years cycle combined in first, second and twelfth house from Moon sign together, are termed as the Shani Sade-Sati period or the 7½ years cycle of Saturn.

During each 2½ years cycle of Saturn, the role of Moon remains of paramount significance. Moon helps us regain our state of happiness/balance/composure after each fall. It is the Moon in our Natal Chart that suffers the most due to Shani Sade- Sati period in our lives. Thus, Saturn Yantra is a powerful mode to balance the energy of Saturn during such troubled times and establish a connection with the higher objectives/contentment of life irrespective of the present or past karma.