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What is Shani Sade Sati? 
When Shani or Saturn transits over birth Moon or twelfth or second from it, it is called Shani Sade Sati or Saturn Sade Sati. Shani Sade Sati remains in these three prominent signs for approximately seven and a half years. Owing to the 7.5 years cycle of Saturn, this time frame is called the Shani Sade Sati period. This period is usually considered to be very bothersome, difficult and tricky for the native. But, it is not necessarily bad for every native; it could be equally beneficial for many. 

What is the impact of Sade Sati? 
Usually Shani Sade Sati leaves a grave impact on the life an individual. This 7.5 years cycle of Saturn generally affects the health, mental peace and finances for an individual. And it normally occurs thrice in one’s horoscope in the entire life time. These three periods can be broadly categorized into: 

  • Childhood
  • Youth
  • Old Age

First Shani Sade-Sati period affects the education, upbringing and overall childhood of an individual. The second phase impacts the professional life, finances & family life of an individual. And the third and the last one affects one’s health, which remains a prime concern when one grows old. Unless one is born during the first phase of Saade Saati, one shall experience at least two cycles of Sade Saati in life. Each of them in spaced out by approximately 30 years. 

Significance of Saturn Transit
Vedic astrology considers the transit of Saturn across the chart as one of the most significant and eventful transits of Saturn in human life. During the 7½ year cycle of Saturn, the best strategy to adopt is to simplify and narrow the focus in our life and set up a baseline for achievable goals. It is the people who cannot work with Saturn's energy who feel the maximum distress during this 7½ year cycle of Saturn. However, Saturn is not necessarily a pain and misery-invoking planet. 

We at Cyber Astro offer specially conceptualized Shani Sade Sati Report that calculates the period of Sade Sati in your life and also suggests remedies for protection against the malefic affects of Shani Sade Sati. This report endeavors to make you aware of the role of transit of Saturn at present and about the phase of Sade Sati (if you/they are going through it) for yourself and your dear ones.

  What You Will Get
  • Your Natal Chart
  • Effect of Saturn Transit over three houses
  • Your last and next Saade Saati period.
  • Sample Report For Critical Years Of Sade Sati
  Sample Report For Critical Years Of Sade Sati



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