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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950
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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950

Personalized Remedy Report prescribes you a suitable remedy to your specific problem related to any area of life after deep analysis of your natal chart. Astrologers suggest a remedial solution like Gemstone, Energized Yantras, Mantra, or even personalized Yagnas/Vedic Rituals that help avoid any foreseen problems for a particular individual. Get the best astrology remedy recommendation.

What Will You Get with this report

  • Analysis of Birth Chart with respect to query asked and evaluation of problems
  • Remedial solution correspondent to your existing problem's
  • Appropriate Remedy Recommendation to combat existing problem's
  • Astrology Remedy Recommendation in form of gemstone, Yantra, personalized Yagna, or Mantras.

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If life has problems, there is solution too. No matter how difficult your situation is, there is always a way out from all the specifics. Vedic Astrology is an age-old science that helps astrologers predict one’s future based on their birth charts and planetary positions. Describe your problem in detail and let your astrologer analyze and verify your birth chart on the basis of past events of your life. Our exert astrologer will suggest an appropriate gemstone to strengthen benefic planet/s in your birth chart to score a better life or either Yantra/ Vedic rituals to refrain hurdles and to neutralize a malefic planet. Personalized Remedy Report will be prepared after detailed analysis of your birth chart by following strict principles of Vedic Astrology.

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