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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100
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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100

Children are a valuable gift bestowed on mankind. We all love to be loved and surrounded by kids. When partners feel committed and get married, they wish to have kids after enjoying a considerable period of their relationship. But few of them fail to do so, due to any sort of complication, and feel nothing going to work out. Even after so many medication & consultations, nothing proves fruitful. Don’t feel depressed; there is still a ray of hope in Astrology.
Explain your problem in detail, whether it concerns to conception of a child,Obstacle in Childbirth,Delay in child birth,parenthood possibilities, multiple miscarriages, failed pregnancy, concern with conception favorable period, left unexplained by anyhow, some told & few left unspoken in medicinal terms. Based on strict principle of Vedic Astrology & study of Planetary Dasha, our expert astrologers will suggest an apt remedial solution to your specific progeny problems.

Get Answer to your Major Concern

  • Will I have child in my Life ? When is the good time to conceive and what will be the gender?
  • How many male/female children will we have in future and when ?
  • When we can plan for Next child? Will I have a second child?
Progeny Quest Report is such an offering that let you enjoy parenthood. You can ask our astrologer about your 3 specific progeny when will you get pregnant astrology, will you get pregnant this year,best time to conceive and become father, Astrologer will analyze your birth chart and the birth chart of your partner along with the question chart through horary process & accordingly gives a final report. An appropriate remedial solution to the problem related birth of child and astrological advice to combat hurdles in conception of a child.

  What You Will Get
  • Analysis of your question chart on the basis of horary principle.
  • Analysis of natal chart of you and your partner as per Vedic Astrology principles.
  • Answer to your 3 specific prime progeny queries, one by one.
  • Astrological Remedy Recommendation to your problem.