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Peeping into the future is everybody’s hidden desire. Every morning we wish for a bright day and we work towards the same. At times we achieve what we had worked for and sometimes due to unseen forces, all our efforts fall flat. The Personalized Yearly Prediction 2017, helps you to make preparations beforehand, enabling you to deal with different kinds of situations in the coming year 2017.

On the basis of unique system of Dasha Vichar or the Planetary Periods of Vedic Astrology and transitory movement of major planets in upcoming year, our astrologer’s offers detailed 2017 prediction by careful analysis of your birth chart and other vital details. This Yearly astrology forecasts include almost every sphere of your life in 2017. It provides an elaborate overview of what’s in store for you during the upcoming year as well as a detailed analysis of the sub-sub periods that will be in operation during the year 2017.

Personalized Prediction 2017 gives answers to all questions related to the coming year. What will be your financial standing in 2017? How would you score on the professional front? What 2017 holds for romantic and marital front? How would life be in the coming year? Remove all curtains of doubt with the annual predictions 2017 and walk with your head held high. Adopt a proactive approach during the unfavourable times & cash the favourable ones to the fullest.

  What You Will Get
  • Exhaustive Analysis of your Natal Chart
  • Compare the overview of upcoming year 2017 and previous year 2016.
  • Your New Year Number for 2017 and its impact on your life
  • Overview on Health, Profession, Finance and Relationship in year 2017
  • Analysis and interpretation of transiting planets on your life in year 2017
  • Month wise status of the upcoming year 2017 as per Karma Index
  • Analysis and interpretation of Main Dasha Period and sub period of planets in year 2017
  • Detailed planetary Dasha analysis on the basis of sub-sub periods in year 2017
  • Special comment on your two important concerns related to year 2017
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies required for 2017

Once you know the ups and downs and the duration of such fluctuations in the upcoming year, you will be better equipped to devise a calculative plan for your career, love or personal life in the upcoming year. With this personalized yearly astrology report, you will be able to realize all your dreams and ambitions in the New Year. So order the Personalized Yearly Prediction 2017 today and get a detailed reading of your future to lead happy, satisfied and fulfilled life ahead in 2017.


Many,Many thanks for your personalized prediction. It's really wonderful and my experiences of events in my life in the past shows how the planets do function and influence once life path.
I am really delighted and to be proud of being one of your esteemed member to avail the optimum advice from your astro counseling and guidance.

Last but not the least to express my sincere,profound heartfelt thanks for answering my concerns. I have faith and devotion to achieve my goals with your continuous support and advice in the future as well.
With Best Regards,

For the past 6 years, I have annually placed a report for the year ahead. I found the personalized 2013 prediction was the most thorough to date. I loved the explanations and meanings of the 'Karma Index' and the status of the natal status. This gave me a more thorough understanding of how the astrologer interpreted the predictions. I really look forward each year to your advice.
Kind regards,
Marquerite Siebers