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PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100
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PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100

What Year 2017 Holds for You?

  • Will I get my promotion in 2017? Will there be job change in 2017? Will get new Business Partner in 2017? Will be addition in responsibility?
  • What will be financial standing in 2017? Will I purchase my House in 2017? Will I close loan in 2017? Will be good rise in income in 2017 ?
  • Will I get married in 2017? Will I get romance partner in 2017? Will there be child birth in 2017? Will there be harmony in married life?
  • How will be my Health in 2017? Not keeping good health, will there be improvement in 2017? Will get opportunity in foreign country?

Get Answer to your Major Concern & be Prepared Ahead of Time!

The Personalized Yearly Prediction Report 2017, helps you to make preparations beforehand, enabling you to deal with different kinds of situations in the coming year 2017. Our most experience panel of expert Vedic Astrologers analysed your birth chart in detail and provide you valuable inputs so that you can plan your upcoming year in advance. In this report, our astrologers covers different aspects of your life like, professional life, financial aspect of life, Romantic aspect of life and most important your health in year 2017.

This report is prepared on the basis of unique Vimshotri Dasha System or Dasha Vichar of the Planetary Periods in Vedic Astrology and transitory movement of major planets in upcoming year. Our astrologers will offer you detailed2017 Prediction by careful analysis of your birth chart and other vital astrological details. This Yearly astrology forecasts include almost every sphere of your life in 2017. It provides an elaborate overview of what’s in store for you during the year as well as a detailed analysis of the sub-sub period of planets in operation during the year 2017.

  What You Will Get
  • Exhaustive Analysis of your Natal Chart
  • Compare the overview of upcoming year 2017 and previous year 2016.
  • Your New Year Number for 2017 and its impact on your life
  • Overview on Health, Profession, Finance and Relationship in year 2017
  • Analysis and interpretation of transiting planets on your life in year 2017
  • Month wise status of the upcoming year 2017 as per Karma Index
  • Analysis and interpretation of Main Dasha Period and sub period of planets in year 2017
  • Detailed planetary Dasha analysis on the basis of sub-sub periods in year 2017
  • Special comment on your two important concerns related to year 2017
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies required for 2017

Once you know the ups and downs and the duration of such fluctuations in the upcoming year, you will be better equipped to devise a calculative plan for your career, love or personal life during this time. With this personalized yearly astrology report, you will be able to realize all your dreams and ambitions this year. So order the Personalized Yearly Prediction 2017 today and get a detailed reading of your future to lead happy, satisfied and fulfilled life in 2017.


Thank you so much. I'm very satisfied with the report, and appreciate the time and effort that went into it. What I pick up about your astrologers is that they really care about the people they help.
Thanks and kind regards,

I have gone through Mr Majumdar's analysis of my report, and thank him for taking the initiative for such a quick turnaround. Mr Majumdar has provided very satisfactory answers to my base questions. As is rightly pointed out at the outset, the control and shape of my destiny rests in my hands. It always helps to know if the path ahead is clear. Mr Majumdar, thank you for your personal touch once again, and I will remain in touch.
Thanks and kind regards,
Burjor Jal Medhora

Many,Many thanks for your personalized prediction. It's really wonderful and my experiences of events in my life in the past shows how the planets do function and influence once life path.
I am really delighted and to be proud of being one of your esteemed member to avail the optimum advice from your astro counseling and guidance.

Last but not the least to express my sincere,profound heartfelt thanks for answering my concerns. I have faith and devotion to achieve my goals with your continuous support and advice in the future as well.
With Best Regards,