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PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100
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PRICE : US $50 | INR 3100

What will Year 2018 Holds for You?

The Personalized Yearly Prediction Report 2018 is one of the best ways that helps you to make preparations beforehand, enabling you to deal with different kinds of situations in the year 2018. Our most experience panel of expert Vedic Astrologers will analyze your birth chart in detail and provide you valuable inputs so that you can plan your year in advance. In this report, our astrologers covers different aspects of your life like, professional life, financial aspect of life, Romantic aspect of life and most important your health in year 2018.

What Will You Get?

  • Your Personal Birth Detail.
  • Highlights of your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Compare the overview of year 2018 and previous year 2017.
  • Month wise status of the year 2018 as per Karma Index:
  • Your New Year Number for 2018 and its impact on your life.
  • Overview on Health, Profession, Finance and Relationship in year 2018:
  • Analysis of transiting planets in year 2018 (slow moving planets)
  • Analysis of Main Dasha Period in year 2018 (Vimshottari Dasha System)
  • Dasha signature for Year 2018 in detail (Based on Sub / Sub-Sub periods)
  • Special comment on your important concerns related to year 2018.
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies required for 2018

Read more about this report

This report is prepared on the basis of unique Vimshotri Dasha System or Dasha Vichar of the Planetary Periods in Vedic Astrology and transitory movement of major planets in year. Our astrologers will offer you detailed 2018 Prediction by careful analysis of your birth chart and other vital astrological details. This Yearly astrology forecasts include almost every sphere of your life in 2018. It provides an elaborate overview of what’s in store for you during the year as well as a detailed analysis of the sub- period of planets in operation during the year 2018.

Once you know the ups and downs and the duration of such fluctuations in the year, you will be better equipped to devise a calculative plan for your career, love or personal life during this time. With this personalized yearly astrology report, you will be able to realize all your dreams and ambitions this year. So order the Personalized Yearly Prediction 2018 today and get a detailed reading of your future to lead happy, satisfied and fulfilled life in 2018.

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