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PRICE : US $3.5 | INR 199

Love and its corollary Sex are the corner stone of a balanced relationship between two people. In this report based on your individual horoscopes, your individual profiles from the perspective of a fulfilling sexual relationship within a relationship are analyzed. How passionate you are about your love? Check romantic side of your personality and know the possibility of fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner.

This Online Romance Check report would give an idea about your behaviour while being intimate with your partner. Know the strong and challenging part of your romantic personality and to work on the same to make your intimate moment a pleasant one. The principles of compatibility are derived from the ancient texts of Kama Sutra, the well known treatise on love and passion.

What Will You Get with this report

  • Introduction
  • Some indicators of the planets’ attitude to love and sex
  • Your Passion Profile (Opportunity and Challenge)
  • The Engine of Passion
  • The Flowering of Passion
  • The Nature of Your Passion
  • Conclusion