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PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500

If you are at a right age of marriage & facing delay in getting married, or if already married, having problems in your domestic life, wrong positioning of planet Mars may be causing issues. Manglik Dosha is root of cause of troubles in your marriage aspects. Mars in Marriage report is meant for you to gain an insight of influence of planet Mars that is creating problems affecting your marriage sector & relationships with friends, near & dear ones in family and specifically with spouse.

As you might know place & positioning of planets determine our future. But do you know one of these planets affects your marriage sector. In Vedic astrology, Mars or Mangal is believed to signify your drive, physical energy, needs, desires, passion, and harmony, extend of family, etc. It has a key role to play in marriages & can disrupt/ affect marital bliss of an individual. Malefic Mars may cause breaks, disputes in marital life of a person, or even divorce in marriage. Therefore, horoscope chart of girl and a boy are matched to check Mars positioning in their birth charts before finalizing proposal for marriage.

Our astrologers will analyze birth chart of both the partners to determine role of Mars in your birth charts & its Manglik affliction which may cause or delay/problem in your marriage. Taking into account positioning of Mars in two charts and their respective positions, astrologers will predict positive and negative effects posed by Mars and accordingly suggest astrological remedies to harmonize Martian energy and neutralize Manglik affliction.

  What you will get:
  • Natal chart analysis of both the partners.
  • Mars in Marriage Analysis
  • The Manglik Affliction of Mars
  • Mars Position in two charts.
  • Mars effect in respective houses in individual chart.
  • Effect of Mars in respective signs.
  • Nakshatra Milapak-Summary
  • Appropriate Astrological Remedies suggested favoring the Mars in your marriage sector and nullify its evil effects.
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