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Astrology Prediction for Whole Life

As the name suggest, in this section you will get astrology prediction reports with in depth analysis for whole life. You can explore what, when and how a particular event will take place in your life. There are multiple reports in this section to predict your whole life on different parameters. Know your strength and weakness to work on that and address your long term concerns so that you can make sound decisions for your life. These astrology reports would be guiding tool for you to plan your life in better way.

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Your Horoscope Chart Report

Get detailed interpretation of houses, signs and planetary positions in your Vedic Astrology horoscope chart and also explore opportunity and challenges in your life in next 5 years.

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Future O Scope Report

Peep in to your future through this report and get astrological overview for next 25 years covering different aspects of your life like health, wealth, career, relationship and children etc.

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Complete Life Prediction

Get in depth analysis of complete life and answer to all questions of life like what, when, how and why a particular event in life. Get insight on your personality, potential and core competence.

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All Your Concern Report

As name suggest, get answers and astrological solution to all kind of worries, concerns or queries with single report, be it related to yourself or family members. Answer up to 10 questions.

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Comprehensive Health Report

As name suggest, get detailed analysis of your horoscope with respect overall health for lifelong and also get information on your health in upcoming 15 years to avoid any big trouble in life.

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Complete Astro Profile

This Western Astrology based report would help you to understand the real meaning of planetary relationships and also understand your challenges and abilities as well as major periods of life.

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Life Prism Report

If you have interest in astrology then learn how to optimize positive astrological signatures and neutralize/overcome negative ones in the immediate and distant future to make life better one.

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Birth Time Rectification

Accurate birth details are required to get right astrological predictions. If you do not know your time of birth, you can take this report to find the approximate birth time by studying past events of your life.

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Jyotish, the science of light is the oldest and the most reliable system of Astrology. Since its origin is from the Vedas, it is also known as Vedic Astrology. According to the Vedas, Karma implies reincarnation or rebirth where thoughts and deeds in a past life affect one's current life situation. Thus, each of us is responsible for the tragedies and good fortunes that we experience in our lives. Our actions in the present will not only affect the immediate future but their repercussions will be felt even in future lifetimes.

Our present life prediction and analysis of the past is done with a personalized birth chart prepared according to your birth date and time.

The Vedic astrology then divides events in our life into 12 houses with the help of the birth chart. Each house represents a particular event or section those are connected to our lives. For example, career, family, finance, romance, health etc. These sections are governed by the movement of planets and its effect on each house. Some transits might bring prosperity and some might rock things for you causing instability in life. All this is interconnected with karmic actions and the placement of these planets in your birth chart.

The Lifetime reports provide you with a detailed explanation on various aspects of your life which will help you to take karmic sound decisions in your present situations.