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PRICE : US $80 | INR 5100
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PRICE : US $80 | INR 5100

Life is a gift from the Almighty who decides and writes three-fourth of our fate and leaves one-fourth in our hands that takes shape on the basis of our own Karma. Neither is our life stagnant nor are the stars and planets that govern us. Various case studies down the ages have broadly confirmed these statistics. Jyotish, the Eyes of the Vedas, recommends that each person gets an in-depth understanding of his/her horoscope, so that one may address the quadrant of destiny that remains in our control and leads a better and fulfilling life, one that aids a positive karmic journey.

Vedic Astrology deals with seven planets and two lunar nodes (often referred to as the shadow planets) and how they influence you as per their positioning in your chart at the time of your birth. However these planets are not stationery and their movement through the Vedic sky allows individuals to adopt a distinct route in their life path. The progress of life through the years gathering experience and maturity is the true story of life.

There is a cosmic mystery that different planets pull us in different directions causing confusions, wrong moves, while maturity and experience helps us to choose the correct dimension. With the comprehensive and elaborate life prediction report, you will get a customized overview of your entire life (past, present and future) based on your birth chart. This report is prepared using the ancient and mathematically precise principles of Vedic Astrology. In a nut shell, this fabulous report gives you a complete analysis of your life right from the time you were born till the time you are destined to bid adieu to the world.

This exclusive life astrology report comprises of all aspects of your life, from business & career to family & marriage and health & finance. Our panel of expert astrologers analyzes your horoscope based on the date, time and place of your birth in order to predict occurrences and happenings in your life.

Remember planets create the signature, you make the choices!!!
  What You Will Get In This Enhanced Report
  • Explanation of your Horoscope Chart
  • The natal promise of different planets in your birth chart
  • Different Planetary Yogas in your birth chart
  • Some Karmic Indicators in your birth chart
  • Life in general: Different aspects of your life :
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Mental Characteristics
    • Profession and core competence
    • Money-property-income
    • Romance and Married life
    • Parents and Siblings
    • Progeny
    • Health and Longevity
    • Life Status at a Glance

  • When the natal promises of each planet will manifest in your life:
  • Analysis of Vimsottari Dasha periods for whole life :
    • Main period analysis of Past and Future Dashas
    • Detail analysis of sub periods of current main period

  • Graphical presentation of Benefice index for different main period of planets
  • Answer to your specific primary Concern
  • Suggestion of astrological remedies to enhance prosperity and happiness in life
What Our Members Say�

Thanks for the report and most important to be mentioned - Special Thanks for sending the same well in time as promised. The report is very exhaustive and beneficial. It also highlights critical aspects of life with deep focus on the planetary strength, its results and influence. I have liked the report very much and would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr Yuvaraj Dutta - Astrologer who's expertise in the subject and deep understanding has provided me a good insight & direction in to my Life Prediction. I once again thankyou and your entire team for the support and cooperation extended to people through your website, articles and reports. I regularly go through all the articles, various reports posted on website and enjoy the readings. Good work!!! Excellent Service!!! Warm Regards,
Swapneel Kanetkar.

Thank you for sending Life Prediction Report. There is a lot of information in it. Report is interesting too. Regards
G Alikakos

"Accuracy of Complete Life Predictions is about 80% or higher... I think the life prediction is more than an X-ray of my whole life."
Elieazer Gadkar