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PRICE : US $3.5 | INR 199
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It is often said that no one knows you as you know yourself. This is very true and this knowledge governs our day-to-day activities and life in general like a clock. There are times when we make certain choices that we regret later. Or with the passage of time we find that decisions taken at a particular period which seem normal and justifiable can no longer be perceived in the same light due to changed circumstances. These are the times when we feel the need to have a greater awareness of our Self, Soul and Mind, to be better connected with our Inner Being so that we can find peace and satisfaction in our lives.

The core personality and behavior of a person is derived from the Natal Chart, by analyzing the planets and the effects of the allied Birth Star or Nakshatra of those planets. The three principle aspects that shape our personality and behavior are the Natal Sun, the Natal Moon and the Ascendant, along with the Nakshatra that is associated with each.

By identifying and analyzing your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant along with the Nakshatra associated with each, this report will give you a comprehensive understanding of the workings of your inner being and guide you to realize your maximum potential. Through this online astrology report you can explore the hidden instincts and talents of your personality.

What Will You Get with this report

  • Introduction
  • Planet or Nakshatra Table in your Natal Chart:
  • Your Moon Sign explanation
  • Nakshatra (Birth star) explanation
  • Your Ascendant explanation
  • Explanation on Ascendant Nakshatra
  • Your Sun Sign explanation
  • Sun Nakshatra explanation
  • Conclusion