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Your Karma Index is the combined and cumulative effect of 7 transiting planets - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn and their effects on the 12 different houses, computed on the basis of your natal horoscope as per the birth details provided by you. Your Karma Index captures the bullish and bearish periods of your life and clearly identifies all the different turning points. We believe it is an extremely important and strategic tool to manage your life better by identifying the major astrological factors influencing your life. Being made aware of these factors by Cyber Astro's accurate horoscope astrology information, you have the option to minimize the negative trends and strengthen the positive ones.

What You Will Get Price USD Price INR Order Now
Karma Index - 1 year future US $ 25 INR 1500 Order now
Karma Index - 3 years future US $ 55 INR 3500 Order now
Karma Index- 5 years future US $ 99 INR 6100 Order now
Karma Index- 10 years future US $ 145 INR 9100 Order now

What Will You Get?

  • Introduction to Karma Index.
  • Detailed Explanation of the actual numerical value of Karma Index
  • Relation between Karma Index and the different aspects index
  • Are the graphs sacrosanct?
  • Karma Index Graph for the specified time period
  • Cumulative Karma Index Table depicting 15 or more consecutive days of positive and negative index values for specified time period
  • Over all Prediction through the lens of Karma Index
  • Different Aspects/Indexes of our life
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly Karma Index Graph
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly Karma Index Table
  • Different Index Graph denoting the total Karma Index accumulated in the corresponding years
  • Different aspects of Karma Index table depicting 15 or more consecutive days of positive and negative cumulative index value
  • Detailed Dasha Analysis for the specified time period
  • Year wise prediction through the lens of Karma Index
  • Answer to specific concern
  • Suggested Astrological Remedies

More About Karma Index Report

Karma Index is the portrait of your karmic account, your achievements, debts, failures and positive and negative attainments in life. It is the most authentic tool to know when important events are getting triggered in your life and helps you to rule your life better. It tells you why a particular event has happened or going to happen in your life and when. It can also help you explore the favorable and unfavorable periods prevailing in life.

One of the distinguishing features of Vedic Astrology is that it is the Art of predicting actual events and circumstances in a person's life, thus providing you with accurate Horoscope Astrology Information. In formulating the Karma Index, Cyber Astro, after considerable research into ancient Vedic Astrology and the help of information technology, presents the rise and fall of different aspects of your life in form of a projected balance sheet based on astrological information from your natal horoscope.