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PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500
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PRICE : US $40 | INR 2500

This astrological report goes beyond the area of "give and take" in the realm of emotions and illustrates those factors that are normally hidden by general astrology analysis. This report is meant to evaluates compatibility of partners in love to meet each other's basic needs in pursuit of Vocation, Wealth, Desire and Salvation.

What Will You Get?

  • Analysis of Birth chart of man and woman from holistic perspective in relationship.
  • Mars and Venus status to check sexual compatibility.
  • Analysis of house of partnership (5th and 7th house) to depict where the problem lies in the relationship.
  • Appropriate Remedies by our astrologer to strengthen the bond.

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Love is the foremost catalyst of mankind. When you love someone, you decide to meet and please your partner to fulfill your desires to bring forth new life and provide support to your partner, mentally, sexually and emotionally. It is to be noted, that life of a human revolves around 4 major aspects of life, Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Whatever we do is Karma, whatever you desire (material or sexual) is Kama, Artha relates to your wealth and material possessions, while Moksha denotes your ultimate goal, your quest for transcendence. Vedic Astrology can help calculate potential of man and woman in relationship to serve each other with 4 aspects of life and become ultimate life partners. In the Holistic Love Report, our astrologers will do analysis of birth chart of both the partners to check their compatibility to form a successful partnership. Based upon these calculations, our astrologers will suggest appropriate remedies so that you both enjoy a harmonious relationship.