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Comprehensive Health Report - Know all about your critical time frames, possible attacks of ill health from this report.

Your Horoscope Chart - This report is a mirror of yourself. You will be able to identify the real you and the conditions of the planets can make us see who you can be.

All Your Concern Report - Sometimes we may go through different level of stress and on different aspects of our life. We may have multiple questions and it may be difficult to find answers to those questions. All your Concern is one report where you can ask as many as ten concerns to the astrologer.

Life Prediction Report - This Report foresees events and gives you an insight into your personality, potential and core competence.

Future O Scope - This report will take into account the status of all the planets, where they are located and what the specific locations will predict generally in life. All the areas of life will be covered which will range from relationship, career/wealth, children and health.

Life Prism Report - This Report prepared by our staff astrologers' will help you to understand why, when and how different planets in your chart have triggered/can trigger events in your life. Learn how to optimize positive astrological signatures and neutralize/overcome negative ones in the immediate and distant future

Complete Astro Profile - This is the most comprehensive Natal Chart Reports available anywhere, based on Western Astrology. .