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Relationship Analysis - This report analyzes the charts of both the partners and tells the level of compatibility that exists between them. It even tells what they can expect out of their relationship.

Holistic Love Report - This report checks compatibility between two individuals, when they get a desire to become each other’s soul mate or when they wish to form a spiritual partnership with or without any physical relationship.

Mars in Marriage - This report will give you an insight as to how mars is influencing and regulating your conjugal bliss and harmony. In case of marriages being contemplated, this report - Mars in Marriage, is an absolute must.

Romance quest - Get answers to your 3 major love queries with romance quest astrology report. Our astrologer will perform analysis of you and your partner’s birth chart to give insight about your current relationship status

Life Together - You should order this report only when you are already in a love relationship with someone for at least one year. This report will help you to understand how you can make long lasting togetherness with your partner and how you can keep your passion alive by developing the awareness about signatures in your chart as well as in your partner’s chart.

Friends and Lovers - This one is a computer-generated report and is based on western astrology. You can order this report when you are going through a steady but casual relationship and you are not sure whether you should upgrade it to a more serious commitment or not.