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Kundali Milapak - This is the traditional horoscope matching report in Vedic astrology. This is very low priced and is an online instant report on our website. This is specially useful in case of arranged marriage, and you are flooded with many proposals. This report will help you to reject the proposals which are not at all compatible and will help you to create your final short-list.

Personal Oracle - If you have no time to wait for our astrologer to analyze your report and want an immediate answer to your specific question, which is troubling you. Then go with this instant report, which will give you answer to your specific question.

Know Yourself There is a need to know more of 'Your Self' for the soul, mind and body to perform at best. Know yourself instant report is the best solution.

Professional Report - If you want to know immediately your core competence and other important parameters regarding your professional front then you should order this instant report.

Passion Profile - This is also a computer generated instant report which deals with sexual compatibility between two partners.

Mind and Body Compatibility Report - This is a computer generated instant report, which deals general compatibility between two charts for relationship. You can order this when you are deciding to go for a date with somebody, not necessarily for long term commitment.

Luminaries Report - An instant report where you can know the significance of Sun and Moon in your life.

Manglik Test Report - Mars is a wrecker of marriages. According to Vedic Astrology, when the planet Mars is located in certain houses of the horoscope, it casts malefic influences on various aspects of that person. A person having such an afflicted Mars status is known as a Manglik. Check the Manglik status of your chart or the concerned person’s Natal Chart and if it exists then find out the way to neutralize its ill effect.

Critical Years of Sade Sati - An instant report to find out for yourself and your near ones the role of transit of Saturn at present and if you or your dear ones are going through the phase of Sade Sati.

Speculative Luck Report - Speculative Luck Report is an instant Report that attempts to answer the question of potential of your natal chart for unexpected gain through speculation and gambling in life.

Week Ahead - Know about your weak ahead through planetary prediction for the entire week ahead, day by day. What combination of planets is responsible for making your day?

Month Ahead - Month Ahead prediction keeps you updated about your future for the entire month. Planetary influence and their impact on your personal and professional life for the upcoming month!

Monthly Karma Index - Your Unique Monthly Karma Index Score & Comment on Different Aspects of your Life! Know about the positive days and negative days in the upcoming month so you well prepare for opportunities and challenges ahead in month.