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Career Report -If you are passing through a tough time or rough patch in your career or you are not able to settle down in a career, then you can order this report. It would analyze the ups and downs in coming years with respect to your career and will guide you for a proper planning and action for next 1,3 or 5 years. You can know which time will be best suitable for future success and even for a change of job.

Speculative Dates - If you believe in fate and are more into bidding then this report is apt for you. This report can identify lucky days or lucky periods in your life when there is a greater chance for you to win in games of chance or have unexpected gains.

Business Success Report to be Entrepreneur - This report is for those who wish to run their own business. Know your potential to become a Sucessful Entrepreneur through analysis of your birth chart by our astrologer.

Business Success Report for Entrepreneur - This report is for those businessmen who are already running their small or big business units and want to take some important decision. It will also guide you about best time when you should launch your strategic moves.

High School- What Stream - This unique report is for students who are going to start their High School (Class X). It is also for parents to assess the actual potential of their progeny instead of thrusting their own dream/desire on them.

Graduation- What Stream - This report is for students who are going to complete their higher secondary school (Class XII) and are planning of joining university for graduation or professional institutes for graduation in (engineering, medical or management etc.) or even specializing in Vocational courses.

Personal Financial Forecast - If you are interested in knowing the financial progress or status for next one year and would like to implement some important financial plan, then this report is very useful for you and would guide you in this regard.

Choose a Career - Though you are settled in your career in a particular field, but there may be some opportunity in other fields and you are not able to decide, which is the best career option for you. Our expert Astrologer could guide you in deciding the best career for life long. This report will be most suitable for you when you are planning to start afresh in an entirely new direction.