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Career Quest - If you have more than three main concerns related to your career at any point or you are contemplating a major change or shift in your career and you want to rank the most suitable options amongst the ones available to you, then this report will be most suitable for you.

Personalized Remedy Report - It is very important to wear the right Gemstone. If you want to know which gemstone is perfect for you then you should go for this report where the astrologer recommends the right gemstone for you after analyzing your birth chart.

Ask a Question - You can order this report, whenever you have a specific question about some event that you expect to experience in your life in near future. This is going to be the most accurate report to give you a specific answer.

Romance Quest - In this report, you can ask three specific questions regarding your love life or your marital life. Questions can be - what will happen/when will it happen and why it will happen? You can order this report at any time during your married life or love life.

Progeny Quest - Progeny is an essential part of life together. Progeny happiness and absence of progeny can make or break any relationship. In this report you can ask 3 specific questions about progeny like - When? How many? If not, then what remedies if at all?

Telephone Astro Counseling - This is a service where you can speak to an astrologer of our panel and ask as many questions on different aspects of your life during the time frame.

Astro Counseling - This is a counseling service that is handled by our founder and director, Satrajit Majumdar. Once you sign up, an series of email exchanges will carry the counseling sessions forward on an interactive basis.

Birth Time Rectification - In Vedic astrology predictions, the accurate birth details are required to provide right astrological predictions. If in case, you do not give your correct birth details then the predictions analyzed may not be correct. Some of us do not know our time of birth. Thus, Cyber Astro has designed this report, especially for those members who wish to get their time of birth rectified.