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PRICE : US $30 | INR 1800

Selecting an appropriate branch for studies at Graduation Level is the very first step in the ladder of a successful professional career! You have chosen a particular stream in High School and now it’s time to select a suitable sub branch for Graduation level studies. Based on stream selected in high school, your interest towards a professional career, your competency level as per your natal chart, our astrologer can suggest you an appropriate sub branch for studies in selected stream for graduation level studies. This decision is crucial as it impacts our career ahead. So, where to seek solution/guidance? Graduation What Stream? is here to answer your specific academic query and suggest you the astrologically most suitable graduation stream for you to ensure growth and success in future career.

Our Vedic astrologers will analyze your horoscope chart, and based on planetary indication as well as considering your level of competency and strengths, will recommend the astrologically most suitable career for you. Accordingly you should go for suggested most Suitable Stream for Study in Graduation Level so as to excel throughout your career life. It also tells whether you will be able to go abroad for graduation studies, your chances for Admission to Prestigious Institute/College for graduation studies. Based on your report, astrologer will provide you the best astro remedy recommendation so that selected graduation stream helps you reach your desirable dream job/profession with ease.

Address Your Major Concern Like...

  • Which will be most Suitable Graduation stream for me?
  • Can I go abroad for graduation studies?
  • Which graduation stream will help to gain success in Future Career?
  • Will I get admission in desired academic institution?
  What You Will Get
  • Your Horoscope Chart & Birth Chart analysis by astrologer
  • Astrologically Most Suitable Career for you in future.
  • Most Suitable Stream for Study in Graduation Level.
  • our Chances to Pursue Academic Study Abroad for Graduation.
  • Most Favorable Time for Success.
  • Your chances for Admission to Prestigious Institute for graduate studies.
  • Appropriate remedial guidance to realize your professional dream.