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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950
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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950

This report would be a great help for you to determine how strong or weak would be your relationship/partnership with your partner or a new friend. You will find strength and challenges in your relationship with your love/partner and the things you would be experiencing with your life in this front.

What Will You Get?

  • Analysis of Birth Chart of both the partners.
  • Astrological Compatibility between you and your friend/love.
  • How You Approach Relationships.
  • Strengths in your relationships.
  • Challenges in your relationships.
  • Your relationship with your partner.
  • Strengths in your relationships with partner.
  • Challenges in your relationships with partner.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. A True friend in life is like a blessing, meant to share vulnerable moments. You need a lover to be loved and share your passionate feelings or may associate with your partner at job or someone for business purpose. In that case, you may wonder, whether your relationship with your friends, beloved, or potential partner or a business partner is going to be successful or will end up unexpectedly? Whichever and whatever your concern is related to relationships, have a glance at the Friends and Lovers Report, prepared to cater your diverse friendship, love or business partnership queries.

If you wish to enjoy a successful journey of love and commitment, you both need to be on same wavelength. When you are in association with someone, romantic or otherwise, various friendship & love related problems arise either by dispute in relationship or misunderstanding between friends, potential partners or even with your bosses/partners. To check compatibility with your partner on above factors, this report is specifically to cater your requirements. By comparing and contrasting interrelationships of two separate horoscope charts using Western astrology principles, the report will reveal how well your relationship works, astrologically.