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PRICE : US $25 | INR 1500
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Do you know that your appearance is a reflection of your overall personality, way of thinking, response behavior in society and emotions portrayed by you? As per Vedic astrology, cosmic patterns or rhythmic motions of the planets affect your life & can reveal a lot about your personality traits, Break-Thrus & Insights, Emotions, Career and Life Path, Responsibilities, your ideas and imagination level.

Astro Profile report is designed to make you acquaint about your personality portfolio as per your natal chart and provides landscape of your major life periods, Your Inner and Outer Self and your Innermost qualities. Our astrologers will prepare your astrological profile using sophisticated astronomical formulae, analysis of the zodiac positions of your natal planets along with the house cusps for your birth moment. Complete Astro Profile is created so as to weigh all parameters responsible for framing your personality.

  What You Will Get
  • Your Rising Sign or Ascendant
  • You Chart Data Analysis by astrologer
  • Planet Aspects- the influence and configuration of each planet on your life.
  • Your challenges and abilities
  • Landscape: Major Life Periods
  • The elements, modalities and angularity
  • Your Burn Rate-the change and growth brought on your life by different planets
  • Patterns of your inner and outer self
  • Interface: Qualities of your inner-being
  • Major transits happening now
  • House activity and emphasis