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PRICE :US$ 20 | INR 1100

Choose a profession that interests You!

If you are a professional already working in an organization & wish to know the most suitable work profile in your best suited professional branch/domain. Sometimes, you fail to enter a right field or wish to switch to appropriate field of your choice to utilize inherent skills and achieve success. A stage comes when you start thinking, is job best suited to you or a business will be beneficial. Our Vedic astrologer will consider, your interest, capability promised in horoscope chart and your academic background to guide the best suitable career for you. “Choose a Career” Report answers your profession related queries as per your birth chart where you could excel and expect a sustainable growth.

When you are at the urge of choosing a career in your life and excel in professional life, need to seek guidance in picking up a right path. Lots of queries stops you from taking a final decision, don’t worry. This personalized report will showcase your inclination towards a particular profession and possibilities of success in the realm of your career. It also tells your chances to go in Self Employment, run your own business or a particular job profile would be most suited for you.

  What You Will Get
  • Analysis of your natal chart
  • Suggestion of appropriate job profile, line of career, as promised in your birth chart.
  • Appropriate Astro Remedial solution to excel in your career.


Thanks for your valuable feedback. I received the report and it would really help me decide my career further. Thanks a ton.
- Mehula Thacker