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Whether you are a matured professional, placed at a secured designation with good salary and receiving professional growth, looking forward for success in same or wish to know your chances of success in some other profession, you might be having lots of career concerns. Or you are feeling that everything going smooth in your personal and professional life, but can Astrology tell the favorable time period for success or betterment of your current profession. Avail Career Report that acts as a roadmap for you with respect to your career in future.

Since, you are an experienced professional at peak of your career, every step you take in your professional life matters, whether it’s in your current profession or you choose to switch to any other position/profession. You obviously have to look into family responsibilities and associated risk factors. In such situations, Vedic astrology can help you guide in the right path. Our astrologers will take into account your qualification, current profession, present designation to judge astrologically most suitable professional field, whether you should go for a Self-Employment, Business or a Profession.

Know what are the opportunities and challenges ahead in your professional life as per your natal chart. Our astrologers will analyze your natal chart, study planetary impact on your professional life & guide you appropriate alternative career choices, where you could manifest your core competency better.

You can ask for Career Report for 1 year, 3 Years or for 5 Years!

Career Report - 1 year

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Career Report - 3 years

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Career Report - 5 years

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  What You Will Get
  • Your natal affinity to a choice of career as per your “Varna”.
  • Career Choice preferences as per sign type & sign element.
  • Astrologer’s comments on choice of your present career.
  • Astrologer’s recommendation for alternative career choices for lucrative results.
  • Demonstration on aspects that analyzes your core competence to be successful in Self-Employment, Business or Profession.
  • Likeliness of success in present profession or business.
  • Career milestones as per transit and Dasha system.
  • Career prediction for Next 1/3/5 years.
  • Astrological Remedies to enhance your professional potentials.

What Our Members Say…

Thank you for preparing this career report, this is an extremely important analysis, and really helpful for me. I really appreciate it, thanks again,
Debanjan Sarkar

Thank you for my career report that I received today. I am truly grateful to your team for providing quick and prompt service to all my emails. Your report has given me the information that I needed for my future career progression.
Prabha Jackson

Thanks very much for the update, here I would like to give my appreciation that the last report generated by Sr. Astrologer Mr . Pradeep Kumar 3 years before (June 2009) went perfectly correct. His analysis & trends were very clear, precise & accurate though I had a little tough time in my career. Thanks again for the professional services by Cyber Astro. with all regards
Anil Dutt Vyas

Kindly pass my sincere thanks to "Dr. J. N. Pandey" for preparing this report. His insight info on my "current" carrer status is true and accurate. His analysis is excellent. Thanks and regards,

Dear Team Cyber Astro,
I have received my career report.
I have studied the report and found it to be useful. Whatever forecast the astrologer- Mr. Pradeep Kumar has predicted, has started happening in my life, so I could relate to his analysis easily. His analysis of my personality (according to my planetary positions) is also quite pertinent.
I thank him for his sincere effort and patience in creating my report.
With warm regards,
Dr. Sarbani Banerjee