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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100
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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100

We all are curious about what's ahead in our career or in professional life but may have multiple questions or concerns at the same time. Here is the best suited report for you Career Quest, where you can expect answers to your three questions related to profession or business field. Think about your prime questions and get precise report from our expert astrologers. It is not a just report but aimed at providing answers to specific problems based on the insight of your Natal Chart and Planetary Dasha.

Get Answer to your Major Concern Like

  • I am looking for a change in my job. When I will get higher paying and better job?
  • When I will get higher paying and better job? Is this a good time to change job for something better?
  • Any Relocation/transfers anticipated in my present job in next 2-3 years?
  • OR More such 3 questions

Your report will be prepared by our Astrologer based upon two calculations corresponding to the specific cosmic signatures. There will be analysis of your personalized natal birth chart & careful analysis of question chart prepared on the basis of exact date, time and place when the question is asked. You are free to explain each problem at length - there are no limitations and can ask specific question related to your problem.

  What You Will Get
  • Your Birth Details
  • Your Vedic Birth Chart.
  • Brief Description of Your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Your Question Chart
  • Our Answer to Your Questions
  • Recommendation of Most Suitable astrological Remedies