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PRICE : US $ 65 | INR 4100

Do your expertise and superb performance in current job inspire you to be an entrepreneur? Want to quit your job and enter into a business field? What if you get failed? What are your chances of success in business & Growth Rate as an entrepreneur? How to judge the best time to try luck in business? All your queries will find their answers in “Business Success Report to be Entrepreneur”. Your dream to establish self-driven business can turns into a reality with predictions by our expert astrologers, who suggests you the favorable and unfavorable time periods to start your own business.

Our Astrologers will analyze your complete horoscope, Dasha period of planets, transiting planets and provide you clear advice to start your own business or to stick with current professional endeavor. There will be suggestion of appropriate astrological remedies for protection against any malefic planet which may cause problems in your prospective business and to get success ahead in your business associations. It helps curb obstacles in your success path and fortify growth in your way to establishment of your new business. All in all, this exclusive report is just-the-ticket for you to redefine the success statement in the world of business with time-proven principles of Vedic Astrology and the timeless expertise of our expert astrologers.

  What You Will Get
  • Preamble: An introduction of ongoing circumstances.
  • Analysis of basic astrological parameters
  • Your astrological core competency for success in business.
  • Strengths & weaknesses to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Primary Motivation analysis to start your own business
  • Astrological Signatures for next 1 year to decide when to start your business
  • Final Conclusion by our expert astrologer.
  • Remedies for strengthening benefic planets and refrain malefic planets.