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PRICE : US $ 99 | INR 6100
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PRICE : US $ 99 | INR 6100

Business Success Report for Entrepreneur, give answers to your specific query related to your business, analyses astrological signatures for next 5 years on the basis of your natal chart & Karma Index, correspondent to your existent situation. Avail this report and explore all the possible ups & downs for your business prospects.

What Will You Get?

  • Preamble: An introduction of ongoing circumstances.
  • Analysis of basic astrological parameters.
  • Your astrological core competency for success in business.
  • Primary Motivation analysis to drive success into your business
  • Strengths & weaknesses to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Your Magical X factor for entrepreneurship
  • Best suited business as per your birth chart/suitability of current business.
  • Astrological Signatures for next 5 years w.r.t to your business.
  • Your business in next 5 years through the lens of Karma Index.
  • Astrologer Comments on opportunity/challenges/growth strategy/finance& partnership etc.
  • Specific answer to your questions by our expert astrologer.
  • Remedies for strengthening benefic planets and refrain malefic planets.

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Having a business and attaining a sustainable growth, maintaining a sound reputation in the market and make it flourish amongst competitors, year after year is a prime concern for an already established business. Explore the nigh and low points for the business, your fair chances and challenges for the future and the expansion you can expect in your business with Business Success Report for Entrepreneur.

There pour multiple opportunities for new partnerships and acquisitions, but lots of questions poke an entrepreneur’s mind, in regards to success, challenges & difficulties encountered. Astrologers prepare a report depicting favorable time to uphold a peak business growth and suggest best remedies to capture the potential ups and to refrain possible downs in your business. It foretells probability of you in achieving good prospects and chances of your success in business for next 5 years. It help evaluates favorable period for business prospects & convert your dream projects into a reality.