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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950
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PRICE : US $15 | INR 950

Welcome to your Annual Birthday Report! 

Our Birthday comes once in a year and once in 4 years if you were born in a Leap year. It’s a sacred annual event meant to be celebrated with lots of fun and joy with your family and friends. Don’t you desire to know about your future in advance on this special day? If yes, Birthday report is meant to provide you a unique informative prediction for your year ahead starting from your current birth date till your next birthday. Know about your future in next one year, your strengths and weakness to prepare yourself for future events in your life with your birthday report.

There can be a lot of changes that comes into your life with the year passing and your annual birthday report can be a mirror to the future. Astrologically, each day of your life is a collection of events, a blend of good and ‘not so good’ times, & these pose influences that shapes your personality, therefore your horoscope chart is unique, in every sense. Our astrologers will prepare your birthday chart using your birth details and current location to give birthday astrology reports.

Vedic Astrology can give you a detailed interpretation of your birthday chart, based on your Natal Horoscope Chart and the Solar Return Chart. It is to be noted that Solar Return Birthday Reading is an important consideration in the annual astrology horoscope forecasts. Therefore, our astrologers will use a number of techniques for your birthday forecasting, primarily Transits, Progressions and Returns, and prepares your natal chart that has lot to say, how you are, your future in one year cycle and planets impact in your life throughout the year.

   What You Will Get:
  • Your Birthday chart based on your birth details and your current location.
  • Importance of Your Birthday Moment
  • General Overview for the Year for you
  • Significant Time Periods for the Year as Indicated by your Birthday Chart.
  • Time Bands of Significant Change in your life.
  • Specific Dates of Potential Noteworthy Events in your life.