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Astrology reports listed in this section provides answer and solution to your single or multiple concerns related to any area of life. No matter, you have single concern and want specific answer or astrology solution or having multiple concerns related to one aspect of life. Get specific answers and solutions to your specific astrology concern/s be it your career, romance life, child birth or any other area of life through written question –answer format astrology reports OR Live Phone/Chat session with expert Vedic astrologers on our panel.

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Ask a Question

If you have a specific concern related to any area of life then get specific and precise answer to your question through this report.

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Live Astro Counselling

Can’t wait to get answers to burning issues in life? Speak directly to online expert astrologer one to one and find solution to your queries on different aspects of your life.

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Career Quest

If you have multiple concerns at a time related to your career and want to rank the most suitable options, then this report will give specific answer to your three major career question.

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Progeny Quest

If having multiple concerns related to child birth or pregnancy then address those issues with this report and find solutions to make your life happy and blissful.

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Romance Quest Report

If, facing multiple issues related to marital or romantic aspect of life and confused to take decisions then get answer/solutions to your three important concerns related to romance life.

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Multi Dimensional Quest

If you are having multiple concerns at a time related to diffrent aspcets of life and wants address all at once then this is the best report to get answer and find solution to all in a signle report.

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Schedule Astrology Counselling

If you want to clear your doubts regarding different aspects of life or want solution to problems but can wait, then get cost effective solution with scheduled Astro counseling session!

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Personalized Remedy Report

If you want to know, which Gemstone or astrological remedy would be appropriate to take care of current problem or most important concerns in life, then this is the best report for you.

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We have to constantly take decisions related to various aspects of our life. These decisions can be related to immediate future to find out desired happiness or success in life or it could be future strategic decision for your whole life. Our expert astrologers would provide you astrological answer and solution as per date of birth and with due consideration of your other details to give you specifc answer to your question. There will be analysis of Vedic Astrology based your Vedic Horoscope Chart as well as the question chart based on horary astrology (the chart based on the date, time and place when you ask your question).

After evaluating in detail your Vedic birth chart and Horary chart, our astrologers will come up with most accurate and specific answer/s to your question/s and appropriate advise and solutions. You will get more precise astrological explanation and answer to your question/s as much as you would be specific to explain your problem and to ask specific questions.