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PRICE : US $65 | INR 4100
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PRICE : US $65 | INR 4100

You might be having varying concerns related to different aspects of your life like career, finance, personal, marriage, love or even education that is making you feel tensed and frustrated. Vedic Astrology has a hidden cure for your specific problems in life. Your life problem is unique, & you can describe it well. You are now at advantage to ask up to maximum of ten (10) concerns that for which you would like to get solution from Astrologer. List down your concerns & our astrologers will try to answer your life queries & assist in best possible manner.

What Will You Get?

  • Highlights of your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Brief Description of your Birth Chart.
  • Natal status of planets in your birth chart.
  • Significance & status of each house in your birth chart.
  • Most Redeeming Features in Your Horoscope.
  • Most Challenging Aspects in Your Horoscope.
  • Present Dasha astrological signatures as per your Horoscope.
  • Present Transit Signatures with respect to slow moving planets
  • Addressing Your Concerns in Detail one by one.
  • Suggestion of astrological remedies to enhance prosperity & happiness in life.

More about this Report

Addressing your concerns is our foremost priority. We always tried to answer your queries but answering your varying concerns is not possible with Ask a question report, which is why all your concern report is designed to answer your specific concerns covering different aspect of your life. This will help you follow a proactive approach to deal with your current concern/problem and overcome your worries with ease.

Based on thorough analysis on your birth chart, our astrologers will tell you the most challenging aspects in your life as per your horoscope chart. On the basis of those concerns, our astrologer advice appropriate astrological remedy to overcome all obstacles in your life so you deal with related real concerns which might be bothering you at that particular moment.

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