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Astrology and Its Different Facets – A Comprehensive Questionnaire

Since times immemorial, human beings have looked upon the heavens and cosmic powers for guidance in order to drive our lives better. This act of seeking guidance or indications to lead a better life is termed as astrology. Simply put, astrology can broadly be defined as the study of connection between astronomical positions of planets and other cosmic bodies and the different life events experienced by humans on earth due to the corresponding movements and transitions of these cosmic bodies.

Most expert astrologers, researchers and scientists pin down their faith on the phenomena of astrology believe that the position of Sun, Moon and other cosmic bodies at the time of one’s birth put a massive impact on the personal life of that individual including his/her character, physical appearance, career, married life and various other crucial aspects of life. In fact these positions are believed to massively affect even an individual’s destiny.

Simply putting all threads together, astrology can be considered as an elaborated yet powerful tool to understand the innate emotions and that of others around us. Astrology precisely provides us a language for sharing our analysis and calculations with others. With the entailing questionnaire, we have tried to explore the roots of this ancient yet effective way of relating to the cosmos and have highlighted some of the very basic questions that cross the minds of almost everyone. 

Why Astrology?
Astrology could prove to be a useful tool in many ways. Astrology may reveal the future incidences and forewarn you of upcoming challenges/difficulties. This is an interesting way to pinpoint your latent talents and get specific indications on how to best develop them. It can also indicate forthcoming trends in your life and ways to tackle the forthcoming obstacles and grab the maximum out of the best phase way before they fade. All in all, astrology is an excellent means to find out the ideal timing for certain actions.

Why should I believe in astrology? 
One of the most complex questions that many people seek answer for is ‘Why should I believe in Astrology?’ The answer to this question is pretty simple; astrology is a cosmic science of stars and is based on the belief that the position of the planets and stars in the sky widely manipulate the human life either in a good or a bad way. Ultimately, it’s your faith in a particular subject that counts. In fact, your faith and believe play a major role when it comes to astrology. Those who strongly believe in astrology use it as a compulsory guide. Such ardent fans of astrology would want to know what their stars predict about the day, week or month ahead of them. In fact, astrology is the best tool for those who wish to extract something positive from astrology. So, if you wish to know about why to believe in astrology, we would suggest you to give astrology predictions a chance and try extracting something positive out of it and if not, do some serious research, before you decide to refuse it. Click here to know more about Vedic Astrology…

Is the daily horoscope equally true for everybody of that particular sun sign? 
Quite like most other profession, the accuracy of the task depends on the person performing the particular task. So, an astrologer should have an expertise in his/her field to provide precise predictions. However, it is not entirely the fault of an astrologer, the failure of predictions could also be due to incomplete or wrong birth details (date and time) provided by an individual. After all, astrological predictions are strongly based on mathematical calculations of transiting planets and their position in different houses. Most reputed astrologers and astrology based websites offer accurate astrology readings.

It is important to understand that astrology horoscopes are general zodiac sign specific and person specific. These are just general guidelines and do not claim to be the exact future forecast for a specific person. Personalized future forecasts for a person can be made only with that person's exact birth date, time, and place of birth. And since it isn't possible to collect birth details for everyone, astrology horoscopes are prepared with a general audience in mind. Hence, sometimes astrology horoscopes may not prove to be accurate for some of you while it may turn out to be true for others.

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How can planetary positions and energies affect our lives? 
Everything in this universe is amazingly synchronized and perfectly timed. But, it is our karmic amnesia and conscious minds that are not aware of it or say, do not want to accept it. While God has given us the power to improve our destiny, there is a master plan that inspires life events. Our Karma can also change the course of destiny and astrology is somewhat based on that principle only. Probably, that’s the reason why it’s difficult to follow the path of good karma!

Does the time you are born affect your destiny? Why are the lives of two people born at the same time not similar? 
Ever thought why we look for auspicious date and time (Shubh Muhurat) to start anew event like a journey, change of house, marriage or even during the launch of new satellite? Obviously, because we know that the life and fortune of those events are very much reliant on their starting time. Call that date and time, the birth time of the event and surely you will get an answer to why your date of birth can affect your destiny.

Our birth time is actually the starting time of our journey on this earth, and is therefore important. The position of different planets at the time of birth decides our destiny path including when and where we are going to encounter challenges and happiness. Even twins cannot have identical lives, even though they are born at the same time, the planetary positions in their birth chart would contribute a lot in changing the lines on their palms.

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