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On the negative side when Jupiter is afflicted, we can become overly optimistic. We will imagine the best but not guard ourselves properly. We will be too gullible and will be vulnerable to the deceptive scheme of others. We can be too lazy and fun and pleasure seeking and may not achieve anything in life. We can be too conservative and dogmatic. We can overextend ourselves, go beyond our resources and capacity, be overly generous and will have an extravagant nature. Our speculations will prove faulty. We will try to do too much and too many things and succeed in nothing. We may suffer from unexpected bad luck, bad karma, trouble with authorities and institutions or loss in litigation if Jupiter is badly afflicted in chart.

Too much Jupiter or badly placed Jupiter can make us too materialistic, indulge and sink in the pursuit of pleasure, comfort and luxury. We may become too self satisfied, too content, and over confident with pride and ego.

We can be too conservative and will love the status quo. Because of pride, we may be too critical and may not respect others and thereby lose other’s respect also.

On a higher level, he indicates the priest and is concerned with propriety, formality and hierarchy. He can make us enamored of ceremony, ritual and display. Jupiter is the great planet of aspiration. He shows our faith in life and can indicate the religion we follow or the form of Divine we are naturally inclined to worship.

Jupiter shows our devotion and dedication in life. In family he signifies progeny and for a woman he signifies her spouse.

Jupiter reveals the expansiveness of our spirit, and people all over the world have always sought the energy of this planet for inner as well as outer prosperity and creativity. It is the energy of grace in our chart WHICH WE CAN USE TO FURTHER OUR AIM IN LIFE.

Summary :
In the body : Jupiter signifies, those organs and system in the body through which we assimilate the good and nourishment inside our body. The digestive system Liver, pancreas. It is the signifier of Phlegm, which absolves the external nourishment inside our body. It signifies the overall immune system of the body. It signifies longevity.

In subjective world : Intuition, inductive reasoning, capacity to transcend information into knowledge and wisdom. Generosity, patience, gravitas, Analytical ability, Justice, Far sightedness, Truthfulness and integrity, Blissful joy as opposed to sensual pleasure. Science, philosophy, universal humanity, capacity to forgive.

In objective world : True science, and scientist. Philosopher, Universal Man, Law, Judge, Banker, Minister Universal teacher, Places of worship, Capital city. University and institution of higher learning, the cabinet of ministers etc.

Sex : Male

Constitution : Phlegmatic.