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8.5) Jupiter “Jupiter has large limbs,is heavy, has yellow hair and eyes ;his constitution is phlegmatic (Kapha), he is intelligent and endowed with all branches of learning” – Parashari 3.27

Jupiter is the most helpful, generous and most benefic among all planets. In Sanskrit, his name is Guru- the spiritual teacher of the Gods. He signifies ‘Dharma’, the law of our inner nature, which is the law of creative evolution and self realization. He shows our principles and our true purpose in life. He signifies such domains of principle as law, religion, justice and philosophy. He is a spiritual and ethical ( Sattvic) planet which insists upon the pursuit and support of the good. He establishes what is good in life and through his influence that goodness comes to us.

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom as opposed to mere intellect.

Jupiter is the planet of creativity, as wisdom is creative. He signifies outer creativity, as the signifier of our progeny. Jupiter is also creativity in the inner sense. He gives powers of expression through solid principles which can produce anything from philosophy to lasting institutions and traditions. He is expansive and loves to share; hence his constant delight is in greater unfoldment. Jupiter does not give attention to detail like mercury and so may not help us to articulate with clarity. His concern is more with doing the work right than with explaining the process of how it can be done right.

Jupiter represents joy in life, joy in living, and the positive spirit. He is the great optimist who never gives up hope. In him, all sorrow, depression and melancholy is overcome or turned into a useful learning experience in life.

Jupiter is the planet of Luck, grace, favor and fortune. He gives wealth, abundance, prosperity and success. In lower sense he gives fortune on the material plane. In the chart if Jupiter is placed in 11th house the house of income and gain is considered as the most lucky placement as far as material rewards are concerned.

In the higher sense, Jupiter is the divine grace which can fulfill all of our needs or can remove all the obstacles in life without our seeking. He also gives religious merit and spiritual beneficence. When Jupiter is favorable, all life, all the universe is with us for he is that cosmic and Divine beneficence.

On a physical level, he is the planet of health. He makes us active in a healthy way and attunes us with the joy of living and joy of nature. He gives vigor, vitality and a strong immune system.