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Mercury is the most mutable of the planets. As such he easily takes upon himself the nature of other planets whether good or bad with which he gets associated in the chart. He may value communication and public opinion more than truth, and may become completely dependent on and defensive of whatever is the strongest environmental influence.

A weak Mercury makes us rationalize things to suit our purpose. It creates immaturity, naivety, and folly. It can create dishonesty and a lack of properly defined boundaries and ethical values.

A well placed Mercury is of great importance in life. Our Mercury establishes our values in life. Material values, prices and standards of measurement, artistic values as well as spiritual values, the values to measure our own success in the material world. A good Mercury also gives good humor and psychological balance. It imparts a mental adaptability that is also creative and playful. When afflicted, Mercury becomes the fool, the village idiot. Sometimes even when wise, he will play the fool, to express his adaptability and wit and to learn what would otherwise be hidden from him.

Afflictions to Mercury do not always give lack of intelligence, however they may cause other harm like speech defects, nervous system disorders or neurosis.

Mercury is very important in modern culture and one of its most beneficial powers. Modern technological innovations like telephone, radio, television, computers and internet are products of Mercurial needs combined with the engineering and technical skill of Mars.

Summary :
In the body : Mercury signifies those organs of our body through which we assimilate external objects, sensations, food etc either good or bad. Hand, mouth, alimentary canal; nasal system, bronchial tubes, the brain etc.

In subjective world : Ability to memorize and imitate; It’s capacity to memorize is abstract and verbal. Analytical power, general learning ability and skill.

In objective world : Simplicity, all rounder, complete superficial knowledge of everything in external world, all artistic craft and skill. Dextricity to adapt new technology. All the icons of today’s information age, Computers, internet, television, mobile phone etc.

Sex : Neuter Gender.

Constitution : No specific constitution like other planets.